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Partner marketing guide for bloggers
Partner marketing guide for bloggers

Are you looking for ways to monetise your blog? Get started with our partner marketing guide for bloggers.

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If you are familiar with partner marketing and registered as a partner at Adtraction, we recommend skipping straight to the section «Adding the link».

Partner marketing

Partner marketing allows you to earn a commission by promoting the products and services of advertisers. When a product or service is sold as a result of your marketing efforts, you earn a commission. Read more about partner marketing and how it works in our post «What is partner marketing?»

Getting started

In order to get started with partner marketing on Adtraction you will need to:

  1. Register an account and add your blog’s URL. When you register, simply select the category «Website» and add in your blog’s URL.

  2. Choose which brands you want to work with and apply to their program. Program applications are usually processed within 24 hours, but in some cases, it might take a little longer.

  3. Once your application is processed and you have found a suitable product to promote, create tracking links from our system and include them in your blog content. These tracking links enable Adtraction to track any orders that come from your promotion and will earn you a commission when your marketing efforts lead to a sale.

Adding the link

Use the links provided by Adtraction to send your visitors or followers to the advertiser’s website. You will receive a commission on any purchase made through your link.

To retrieve your tracking link, click on «Advertisers» and «My advertisers».

«Your tracking link» is a text link directing visitors to the homepage of the advertisers website.

«Customise link» allows you to direct visitors to a specific landing page on the advertiser’s website. This can be useful if you are promoting a specific product or category and want to link to it directly rather than the homepage. This is called a deeplink.

Write a firm and hyperlinked call to action using the link you retrieved from the Adtraction platform. Whilst keeping in line with your tone of voice it is recommended you guide your audience to click on links, eg; «click here to buy [X product] from [X retailer]» or «check out [X product] at [X retailer]».

Did you know? Adtraction also has a Google Chrome extension that enables you to get tracking links directly from the website of an advertiser. Get the Google Chrome extension here.

How to promote products

Consumers will be most receptive to brands that are aligned with your channel's existing content. We therefore recommend selecting products from advertisers that align with your content and audience.

Typical posts where it is natural to include tracking links are top lists, recommendations, product tests, product comparisons and purchase guides.

Promote well known brands

The likelihood of conversion increases when promoting a brand consumers are familiar with. Adtraction has plenty of renowned brands you can promote. An overview of all advertiser programs can be found by clicking «Advertisers» followed by «All advertisers» in the left hand menu in the system.

Sponsored products

Traditional partner marketing does not include sponsored products or services. However, there is nothing in the way of promoting a product or service you have tested, for example a beauty product or an audio book provider.

If you want to work more closely with a specific advertiser we recommend using the chat functionality in your account to describe how you may like to promote that advertiser. A member of the Adtraction team can then get in touch with you to discuss a more tailored 1:1 relationship which could involve gifting products to review, or providing a voucher code you can share with your audience.

Offers and campaigns

In order to stay updated on offers and campaigns from the advertisers you promote, we recommend that you allow receiving emails from Adtraction. Notifications can be managed in your account settings.

Advertising policies

Make sure to follow your local advertising policies. Visit the ASA to read more about advertising policies in the UK.

Additional questions? Check out our Help Center articles to see if your question can be answered there. For other inquiries, reach out at or try the chat for quickest response.

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