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How to create tracking links
How to create tracking links

This article explains how you can create tracking links using Adtraction’s platform, mobile app and browser extension.

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When promoting an advertiser, you can either link to the homepage of an advertiser’s website, or you can link directly to a specific product page or category. The latter options are what we refer to as «deeplinks».

Using the Adtraction Chrome plugin

Adtraction’s Google Chrome plugin enables you to get tracking links directly from the website of an advertiser.

Download the plugin, install it on your computer and log in to your Adtraction account via the plugin. A green, blinking light will appear when you visit the website of an e-commerce advertiser connected to the Adtraction platform. The drop-down allows you to create tracking links from the particular landing page visited, and even apply for the program directly in the plugin.

Download the Chrome plugin here.

Using the Adtraction app

If you prefer creating tracking links using your smartphone, you can download Adtraction’s mobile app.

When you are logged in to the app, you can create tracking links for approved channels and advertisers to which you are connected. Simply tap «Links» in the menu and copy the link to the advertiser you want to promote. If you want to create a deeplink, you can use the text field to paste in the specific URL for which you want a tracking link created.

Download the app for iOS or Android here.

Using the Adtraction platform

A third option is to create tracking links in the Adtraction platform.

Using the platform tracking link generator

When you are logged in to your Adtraction account, select «Advertisers» and «My Advertisers» from the left hand menu. «Your tracking link» is a text link directing visitors to the homepage of the advertiser’s website.

In order to create a deeplink, click the cog icon to «Customise link». This allows you to direct visitors to a specific landing page on the advertiser’s website, and can be useful if you are promoting a specific product or category. Choose if you want your tracking link to be a URL, Short link, HTML or Cleanlink, and paste the URL to the product you want to promote into the landing page field.

Using the Adtraction product browser

The Adtraction product browser can be used both to discover products to promote, and to create tracking links.

Log in to your Adtraction account, click «Tools» and «Browse products» in the left hand menu. Each search result generates a deep link for the channel you have selected, and once you have found the product you want to promote, you can easily copy the tracking link directly from the tool. Note that the selected channel needs to be approved for the tracking link to be generated.

Reach out at if you have any questions.

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