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Get started with EPI
Get started with EPI

This guide explains how to work with Adtraction's EPI (or sub-ID) function.

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EPI is a parameter in Adtraction's tracking links that allows you to send data into Adtraction's system. The data is then connected to the conversions that take place through this specific link. The EPI parameter tells you exactly which of your published links contributed to a given transaction.

Common use cases for working with EPI's include the following:

  • Follow up performance on specific links

  • Cashback sites being able to attribute sales to specific users

  • Content partners attributing sales to specific content pieces

  • Subnetworks being able to identify the specific partner

Adding EPI parameters to different tracking links

You can add five EPI parameters to each tracking link. This is how you add them:

If you are using a deeplink, the URL parameter has to be placed at the end:

Should you forget to add an EPI when creating a short link it can be added later on, as shown here:

EPI can be used with Adtraction's Cleanlink technology, example:

EPI can be requested from the Adtraction API and as a token in our callback functionality.

Using callbacks with EPI

Having configured your links with EPI, you want to make sure that you can receive the data as soon as possible. This is where our callback functionality comes in. Keep in mind that this functionality requires a certain technical understanding.

A callback is a method to get transaction data sent as soon as a transaction has been registered in your Adtraction account. Specifically, a callback is a URL request that our servers make towards the URL where you want to receive the requested data. This allows you to gather specific data in one place rather than logging in to several different platforms.

This functionality is commonly used in conjunction with EPI, allowing for instance, a cashback site or a subnetwork to attribute a transaction to the correct party as soon as it is tracked by Adtraction.

This is how a callback is set up in the Adtraction system:

  1. When logged in as a partner, navigate to «Tools» and «Callbacks» in the side menu.

  2. Enter the URL to where you want to receive the callback.

  3. Add any tokens you want to receive as parameters in the query string.

  4. Choose what advertisers and channels it should apply to.

  5. Click «Create new Callback».

That’s it! Whenever a transaction is recorded that matches the advertiser and channel conditions, we will trigger a request allowing you to record the data on your end.

Additional questions? Check out our Help Center articles to see if your question can be answered there. For other inquiries, reach out at or try the chat for quickest response.

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