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Get started with partner marketing
Get started with partner marketing

Our step by step guide walks you through setting up your Partner account at Adtraction, from start to finish.

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Step 1: Channel approval

When joining Adtraction, you will be asked to complete your partner account and register the channel in which you want to place tracking links. Your channel can be a website, a blog, a newsletter, a social media channel or similar. Add the unique URL of your channel and select the category that best applies.

To ensure that connected channels are suitable for our advertisers, Adtraction evaluates channels that are connected to the platform.

The following is not approved:

  • Political, religious or erotic content

  • Insufficient content or websites under construction

  • Amateurish web design

  • Insufficient descriptions, this is particularly important if your channel isn’t a website with a URL

You will receive an email from Adtraction once your channel has been evaluated. If your channel is eligible, you can then apply to advertiser programs.

You can add as many channels as you want to your account. For example, if you have one Instagram channel and one blog, you should add two separate channels to your account; one for the Instagram profile and one for the blog. In order to add additional channels, go to «Account» in the main menu, click «My Channels» and choose «Add new».

Step 2: Advertiser program approval

Once your channel is approved, you can start populating your channel with links to relevant advertisers. Consumers will be most receptive to brands that are aligned with your channel's existing content. We therefore recommend selecting a category or specific advertisers that aligns with your content and audience.

An overview of all advertiser programs can be found by clicking «Advertisers» followed by «All advertisers» in the left hand menu.

You are now provided with a list of all advertisers available in the selected category. Each advertiser has a separate program description with information about their terms and conditions. Click «Apply» in order to apply to a program.

Once you have applied to the program, the advertiser will review the application to see if your channel is relevant and there is synergy between your channel and their products.

When the application is reviewed, you will receive an email from Adtraction. If the advertiser has approved your channel, you are granted access to links and ads.

There is no limitation to the number of programs you can be connected to, but adhering to certain types of partner programs will help maintain the quality and integrity of your website.

Step 3: Promote brands

Now you can get started earning commissions on your marketing efforts.

All you need to do is to use the links provided by Adtraction to lead your visitors or followers to the advertiser’s website. You will receive a commission on any purchase made through your link.

To retrieve your tracking link, click on «Advertisers» and «My advertisers».

«Your tracking link» is a text link directing visitors to the homepage of the advertisers website.

«Customise link» allows you to direct visitors to a specific landing page on the advertiser’s website. This can be useful if you are promoting a specific product and want to link to it directly rather than the homepage. This is called a deeplink. Read more about deeplinks and how they work here.

Write a firm and hyperlinked call to action using the link you retrieved from the Adtraction platform. Whilst keeping in line with your tone of voice it is recommended to guide your audience to click on links, eg; «click here to buy [X product] from [X retailer]» or «check out [X product] at [X retailer]».

Did you know? Adtraction has a Google Chrome extension that enables you to get tracking links directly from the website of an advertiser. Get the Google Chrome extension here.

Additional questions? Check out our Help Center articles to see if your question can be answered there. For other inquiries, reach out at or try the chat for quickest response.

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