A callback is essentially a method of getting sent transaction data when a transaction has been registered in your Adtraction account. Technically speaking a callback is a URL request our servers make towards the URL where you want to receive the requested data. This allows you to gather specific data in one place rather than logging in to several different platforms.

You can flexibly setup to receive a callback when a transaction happens for channel x and advertiser y.

The data you want to receive is populated into the callback URL with tokens.

This is how you set it up in the Adtraction system under «Tools» and «Callbacks»:

  1. Enter the URL to where you want to receive the callback

  2. Enter the parameter in which you want to receive specific data about the transaction

  3. Enter the relevant tokens for the parameters that you have set up in the callback

  4. Choose which channels and which advertisers you want included in this callback

  5. Click ‘Create new callback’, and the next time a transaction that matches these rules occur, the

  6. Adtraction system will send you a Callback.

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